Just call me Annabel…

DSC_0817Albie is coming up to 4 months now, when he gets there we have decided to start weaning him, I know current advice is to wait till 6 months however most of my friends weaned their babies at 4 months and they are excellent eaters, I know that when I was baby advice was from 4 months, Obviously we will see how Albie gets on, if he doesn’t take to it we will hold off. As we are starting early we will be taking it very slowly and starting with baby rice and porridge for a while, we have bought Ella’s kitchen products for his breakfast.  We will also be avoiding any foods that babies shouldn’t have before 6 months, eggs for example.

For Albies lunch, dinner and puddings I will be making my own food using Annabel Karmels baby recipes- for those that haven’t heard of Annabel she is the Nigella  Delia Smith of Baby food. I really like that I will know exactly what has gone into them. I know there are a lot of baby food products that are 100% veg or fruit but I always wonder how they manage to keep them preserved on a shelf for so long? Don’t get me wrong there are times when I will be turning to ready made baby food, such as holidays (or if Albie hates mummys cooking)

Yesterday afternoon whilst Albie played on his playmat I started to make some food ready for him to try in a few weeks.

For his lunches and dinner I made, carrot, parsnip, sweet potato and butternut squashed. The carrot, parsnip, butternut squash and sweet potato are peeled, washed, chopped and steamed, I then blended them using a hand blender and the cooking water. I have decided to buy a small food blender as it was pretty hard work making sure every lump was out of the puree. I also added a little formula made milk to get the consistency I wanted. I then divided each of mixtures into weaning pots- I actually got this ones from Adsa as I was doing a shop, next time I am in town I am going to pick some more up from one of the pound shops as I know they have a really good selection of weaning products. I also mixed a couple of the vegetable together for Albie to try once he is used to the different tastes of each. I spooned 4-5 baby spoons into each container, these are now in the freezer labelled and ready to be removed one at a time, defrosted and heated up.

For Albies pudding, we have papaya, apple, pear and we will have banana was ours have ripened a little more. The Papaya is cut in half, the seeds and scooped out and put aside, the rest of the papaya is then removed and blended, I used a little formula milk to puree. The apples and pears are peeled, cored, chopped and can be boiled in very little water or they can steamed. I boiled them as I was using my steamer for the veg, although steaming is my preferred method as it keeps more of the nutrients.

I can’t wait to try more recipes once Albie has accepted his first tastes. I am so excited to see him little face when we feed him for the first time. I am sure there will be a few funny faces. How did your little one take to his first try of real food?


One thought on “Just call me Annabel…

  1. We weaned Austin at 4 months and he is an amazing eater! I’m sure its because he was used to so many different foods from an early age. It’s so much fun watching their little faces react to new tastes and textures!xx

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