Dear Albie… 4 months

DSC_0864Dear Albie,

I know I say this every month but ‘where is the time going?’ It’s unbelievable that you have been with us for 1/3rd of year already. These last few weeks have been a struggle for you mate, you have had such a bad cold and cough since your 12 week vaccinations. Listening to you cough is the saddest thing ever as Mummy and Daddy can’t help! Your cold is slowly clearing up but your cough is still there. You have dropped from the 50% weight line down to 25% but it’s common after an illness. During this time we got totally out of our normal routine but I am quite glad that your cold coincided with Christmas as we were out of the house a lot visiting family.

We are now back into bedtime routines, you are always asleep by 7.30pm, you usually fall asleep having your last bottle. When we are home you have all your naps in your cot, you are such a content little boy I can put you in your cot and you will either stare and giggle at your mobile, giving Mummy time to shower and get ready or if it’s nap time you will nod off. Your naps have got shorter, if we are home you take about three 45 minute naps, morning, lunchtime and afternoon. Up until now you have never taken to a dummy, however since you have been ill they have really helped you settle yourself to sleep. You don’t use it at any other time really (except maybe as a little delay until bottle time if we are running behind.) You have also taken a liking to having a muslin cloth of your face, we were using one with some vicks on and now you use it to get to sleep, we do take it away when we come up though. Your naps totally change out of the house, as soon as the car starts or we are walking it’s like you hit the snooze button, if we are walking for 2 hours, you can bet you will be asleep for most of it so we try not to go in the car anywhere after 4.30pm as we don’t want you napping too late.

Night Times are a bit of a strange one for you at the minute Albs, your cough wakes you up and you have little 15 min cough session where you drift off, cough, drift off etc, if I don’t think it’s stopping I will come and give you some water but this does seem to wake up and make you alert so I do wait a while. You wake around 7.30am, well probably 8am but I like you up nice and early, and so does Daddy as he gets to see you before work. You are never grumpy when you wake up, if you have had a nice long sleep you are actually at your happiest.

We have started you on solids this week and you are taking really well to it. You have just had baby rice and baby porridge so far but Mummy has been busy making you vegetable and fruit purees for next week. Daddy was so pleased he got to give you your first tastes (mummy wasn’t so happy with the mess)

You are pretty lazy on the development front to be honest little boy! You have been holding your toys since 12.5 weeks however you aren’t rolling yet, you do attempt it but decide you are quite happy where you are. Tummy time for you is chilling time, you usually just lay there for a good old 10 minutes until you get annoyed, only then will you lift your head off the ground, nothing I can show you will entice you to lift it before then. It is funny though, as when you are laying on Mummys chest you always lift yourself off to look at me! The one big change since your 3 month update is the amount of noise you make… you never stop chatting to yourself and letting out little squeels, where you get the chatting from I have no idea!!!! šŸ˜‰

You are turning into such a little boy, when you hold your head up you look so grown up, you aren’t my teeny baby anymore but my gorgeous little boy. I love spending my days with you, we have the most fun together. We start baby sensory baby next week so I can’t wait to see your face light up.

Until next time my cheeky monkey

Love you

Mummy xx


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