Clean Eating

We all know how hard it is in the first few months of your babies lives to even think about taking care of ourselves. Albie is now 18 weeks old, he is sleeping through 13 hours at night, he is a pretty good baby, he has started weaning and has done great so far and he is happy to keep himself occupied for more than 5 seconds at a time, so I thought now is as good as time as anyway to put a stop to the weekly  bi-weekly Costas and Mummy lunch dates and look more closely at my lifestyle, in particular my diet and exercise regime. I gained nearly 2 and half stone when I was pregnant, luckily the first 2 stone melted away without much help from me, however those last pesky 7lbs are proving to be very stubborn, so it looks like a little help from me is required. I am not just looking to lose weight but also to improve my general health and fitness, we only have one body for our entire lives so its about time I started taking care of the one I have.

For the last ten days I have been attempting to ‘eat clean’

The Basic principles are; 

– Avoiding Processed and Refined foods: This I think makes a huge difference very quickly, by avoiding sugar, pasta and bread I am much less bloated after every meal, my old diet consisted of these in pretty much every meal!

– Read the Labels: If you can’t pronounce an ingredient it probably isn’t ‘clean’

– Snack: If you can eat 5-6 times a day then you are on track. I usually snack on a handful of nuts and seeds or fruit.

– Eat good fats: Some diets restrict a lot of these good fats found in nuts and avocados, yes they are high in fat but these are good fats people, the benefits of eating these are well worth it!

See, not so hard after all.

My old diet consisted of weetabix with sugar, using semi skimmed milk and about 3 cups of tea (caffeine addict) Lunch would be a sandwich, most likely shop bought with a packet of crisps and a snack size chocolate bar and latte, dinner would be something easy to throw together, like a spaghetti bolognese or a chilli con carne, I would always have a heavy carb like rice, pasta or potatoes. I would usually be hungry again by about 9pm so would snack on another chocolate bar and a packet of crisps and a couple of cups of tea (ooops) Writing it all down like this has really made me realise how little nutrients I was getting from my food! Very rarely would I eat a fruit, I would usually have some veg with dinner though!

Now I will have a fruit smoothie for breakfast, using any fruit and almond milk, I will bulk it out with oats and greek yogurt or I will have Avocado on gluten free toast, I will admit I have my one and only cup of normal tea first thing in the morning when giving Albie his bottle.  I will then have a salad for lunch, usually chicken, prawn or crayfish maybe with some mango mixed in, a homemade soup is also a good shout. If I am particularly hungry I will have a dry ryvita with it but my smoothie usually keeps me going. Mid afternoon I will snack on either some carrot sticks or a handful of nuts. For dinner I will usually have grilled chicken or salmon with lots of vegetable and couscous or quinoa. My dinners at the moment are a little boring, however I am trying to expand and add some variety but building up a cupboard of ‘clean eating’ ingredients is going to take a while. My girlfriends came for dinner last week and I made a really good clean chicken satay, it was really yum (if i do say so myself) It was really easy to do to! If I get hungry in the evening I will usually have fruit or a ryvita or crackerbread with some whole food unsweetened organic peanut butter, maybe with banana on top. Throughout the day I will drink herbal tea, I am loving twinings chamomile and spiced apple and super berry tea pigs.

I keep telling myself this is not a diet, it’s a way of life and the best thing about clean eating is your cheat day, where you can have whatever you like, its actually encouraged as it can help your metabolism, so eating well 6 days a week isn’t that bad when you know you have a cheat day coming up!! This week I had roast potatoes but honestly I am not doing that again, I had the worst tummy cramps after, I mean to the point where I was thanking god for a planned c-section !! (drama queen alert)

And so far it has paid off, I lost 3lbs last week!! I haven’t just been eating well, I have been back at fitmamas working out-I love it there, I will let you all know about that in another post.

Have you started the new year with an health plan? How is it going??

I haven’t posted any photos on this post but if you follow me on instagram I do use that to take some shots of my meals, if I know people are looking at what I am eating it helps me ‘be good’ so if you can please follow me – sjclarke86

Thanks Guys !


2 thoughts on “Clean Eating

  1. Cheering you on Sarah. I’m in the same boat. I gained 15kgs during this pregnancy however I was still 6kgs off my pre baby weight from bub number 1. As it stands today I’m 12kgs off my pre baby weight. However I too don’t want to focus on numbers but to change my eating habits. I believe I eat relatively well but I know I need to change certain things going forward, I don’t have the metabolism of a teenager anymore. I want to minimise processed foods, sugar and choose better snacks. I also want to train myself to eat healthy small frequently meals. Keep us up on your journey.

    • Thanks Cam! It’s so hard but will be totally worth it. I try to think about all the goodness going into our bodies, trying not to eat anything that won’t provide any nutrients! (80% of the time that is) we can do this!!! Good luck xxx

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