Albie’s Favourites: Starlight Swing

DSC_1020I thought I would try and introduce a new regular feature at Bump, Baby C and Me to let you all know the products that Albie is enjoying (and those that give Mummy ten minutes peace.) As you know Albie is now 4 and half months so we have built up a long list of products and I am sure this will continue.

One of the first things that Albie used when he was home from hospital was his starlight swing from Mamas and Papas, this was a very kind gift from his Aunty Emma. It is amazing, it comes with everything you could think of, a timed swing function- yup, variety of swing settings- Yup, a starlight canopy – yup, installed music function- yup, ability to plug in i-pod- YUP!! He has a better sound system than us at the moment. The swing itself just looks so cosy, I wish they had an adult size!! It also had straps for baby and the seat can be sat up right or reclined. Fab huh? Ok so it’s not cheap, however it has been reduced to £89.99 and I think it is worth every penny, Albie is still using this now, as he can’t sit by himself yet I use it when I am feeding him is puree and when he is fed up of floor time.

There are a couple of small negatives, I didn’t use the swing function on this until Albs was at least a month old, even on the lowest setting I felt like it was too fast, maybe it was the paranoid new mummy in me but it scared the life out of me how fast it went (or seemed to go) The installed music can be annoying, there are a few different options however when one finishes the same one starts, you have to select the next song, as you can imagine we have heard the first one quite a lot!

This really has been one of my favourite things for Albie and I am sure it’s one of his. He really seems to enjoy it too! If you are looking for a swing for your little one then you really should consider taking a look at this one.


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