The wake to sleep method

DSC_0426Slightly different post today but I just have to offer all you mummies out there this invaluable sleeping method to help you and your new bundle of joy.

Albie has slept through the night from 9 weeks old, now I know this is rare and I know we are very very lucky to have such a good lazy boy on our hands. I do believe that there are some babies that just aren’t big sleepers however I also believe that setting a bedtime routine helps hugely!!! From 2 weeks old, Albie has had a bath, bottle and bed every night at around the same time, he is now so used to his routine that he wants his bottle straight after bath time even if it isn’t due for another hour, amazing.

Back to the wake to sleep method- made famous by the author of the Baby Whisperer book. Albie was waking twice in the night, first at 2am and then at 5am he wanted nothing, he wouldn’t take any milk either time, he had a clean nappy, I noticed the pattern in the time after a week or so, every night was exactly the same time, I researched this and discovered habitual waking patterns, apparently it only takes 3 days for a baby to form a habit, I obviously offered the little monkey milk every time but to no avail, so I decided to implement the wake to sleep method. The idea behind it is to break the sleep pattern of baby

So every night I would set my alarm for exactly one hour before Albies night waking. At 1 am I would drag my tired behind to Albies room and gently rouse him, not enough to wake him, just enough to make him stir. Every Night I crossed my fingers so tightly as I creeped out of his room ‘please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up’ but he never did, not then, not at 2am and not at 5am, he woke at 7AM !!!!! The method recommends doing this for three nights, as I mentioned before that’s all it takes for a babies pattern to change, however I did it for 5 just incase, Yes it’s hard getting out of bed when your baby isn’t crying, you always have to what if tonights the night he sleeps through- chances are it isn’t! So now we have no more habitual waking, so if Albie does happen to wake in the night I know he wants something, if he doesn’t settle I will still offer him a bottle as he is still pretty young.

This method has worked fantastically for me, Albie sleeps 13 hours at night now, I have to wake him at 8am most mornings. I would just stress that if your baby is still taking milk when he wakes up then please do not implement this, if a baby is hungry then feed them. I know some babies like to suck to get themselves back to sleep but as a parent you will know if baby is hungry or just soothing themselves. If you do want to read more about this method then the book is available on amazon of course.

Have you used the wake to sleep method? I would love to hear your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “The wake to sleep method

  1. This is so interesting. My little girl is 9 months and has started waking at 4am every single night. Doesnt want anything other than to play it seems. Driving me mad. Going to try this. Is it just as simple as disturbing them slightly an hour before they usually wake then leaving them? Xxx

  2. We are currently expecting our first child (I’m 6 days overdue) and I will have to remember this! I was apparently a terrible sleeper for the first two years, but I am hoping that my baby will take after my husband. x

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