What Albie wore

DSC_0848Albie is broaching 20 weeks (4.5 months.) It is so much fun dressing him now that he is a bit older. He has just started to wear some of his 6-9 month clothing, he is so long so all his 3-6 months trousers are becoming too short. He certainly doesn’t get his length from his Mummy or Daddy! I think most of this posts outfits are from Zara, I am really loving their baby boy collection at the moment and can’t wait for him to wear the next age group of clothes!

I am in love with baby boy leggings, unfortunately all the ones I love are available on Etsy and come with an extortionate shipping fee from the usa, so I was so glad to see that Zara have started to release a few different patterns for boys leggings. We have these cool lightening ones in 3-6 months but we have some more in 6-9, I can’t wait to put them on him. The little t-shirt combo is from Next, they are two separate tees. I love the little Stone Roses top, such as rock baby, luckily a northern friend gave me a rendition of one of the band’s songs at karaoke box so  when Mr. C  asked me to name one of their songs I was well prepared (to give just the one answer)

This little ensemble has the same leggings as above- from Zara, they are really versatile. His little T-Shirt is from Zara too,  I just had to buy it for him as we have a little pug and I wear glasses so he has a bit of both me and Tilly the pug on his t-shirt!

I love love love this little wolf jumper, again from Zara, it fits him perfectly. I have just paired it with some next jeans.

This photo is to showcase ‘the bobble hat’ I  saw that the lovely Hannah over at http://www.hannahmaggs.co.uk/ had ordered one for her little boy and she told me it was from Ebay!! Amazing, it was only £5 odd, we love it, and we have just received our blue one!

This ultra cute little man shirt is from the Little White Company, like everything from LWC the quality speaks for itself. I love Albie in this so much, when we got out I tend to put a little cream jumper over the top with the top button on his shirt done up and the collar popped over the jumper.

The LWC impresses again with this gorgeous outfit, as you can see i have shown a close up of the vest and the next photo shows the matching leggings. The little stitched elephant motif is adorable and the cotton knit leggings are fab too. He also wears them with a plain white baggy T-tee.

Albie looks like a right little man in this photo. This blue and cream jumper is from Zara of course, he is wearing his next jeans and his little red converse! I love that we have matching shoes.


8 thoughts on “What Albie wore

  1. omg he is adorable. we love shopping at zara as well the have the cutest clothes for babies. i’ve never seen those bolt leggings on the website though 😦 they are so cute. do you ever sell his pre loved clothes? i would love to purchase those bolts if you ever do ❤

    • Hi, I do sell his things and he has actually grown out of these. I usually put his things on my Instagram- sjclarke86. I will put them up probably with the blue star ones in the next day or so xx

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