Dear Albie ..5 months

Bgb2_IWIEAARLFuThe time has come again little man for me to give you an update on how you are getting on.

As you know you are a very well behaved little boy for your mummy and Daddy, everyone always comments on how contented you are and it’s so true. I can just leave you to spud around on your playmate whilst I’ll get on with my mummy chores! Sometimes Mummy wouldn’t mind if you moaned a little more, then I would have an excuse to sit and cuddle you all day.

You have become so grown up, you have the cutest little giggle now and you recognise when mummy sings your favourite song – row row row your boat is your current song of choice.

As far as development we are pretty much still stationary, you can’t be bothered to roll or do any mini press ups, you are fine laying on your tummy but you are more than happy to lay there and not go anywhere! You now manage to just about roll on your side, so that’s something. You are soooo lazy! I know as soon as you find out what your amazing little body can do you won’t stop !!

You are doing great with your purées, you do give a slight shudder when having your broccoli, swede and cauliflower trio however we will keep at it apparently it takes ten tastes before you decide if you like it or not! You really enjoy your roasted red pepper and cauliflower mix ! We have had to cut your food down a little as you are a little tike with your milk and mainly just want to chew the teet ! So at the moment you have a vegetable puree at lunch and a fruit at dinner time. This week has been peach and plum, both are really sweet so you soon gobble those down. You have started to let me know when you are hungry but chamming your lips together, mainly when watching me eat!

You have also learnt how to hold your very own cup! You hate it when I take it off of you so I usually just let you drench yourself. You do seem to drink a little water out of it, I am reluctant to put any squash in there as I would like you to drink water, at the moment you do get all your needs from milk so hopefully by the time you require water you will be able to drink properly from your cup.

You still sleep from around 7pm -8am with 3 daily naps! (Thank yoooouuu for this)

We also had your first trip to the capital this week for you to have a little play date with Harry and Grayson, you can read all about this over at Grayson’s mummy’s blog! We both had a lovely time, you were very gentle with the smaller babies! We can’t wait to go again !

I do hope next time I can tell you that you are on the move, but nothing surprises me about you (except how much more I love you everyday)

Until next time little monkey boy


Mummy xxxx


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