Dear Albie … 6 months

DSC_0348Wow little man you’re half a year old already, although it’s gone so quick it feels like you have never not been here, it’s almost a year to the day that we first saw you on the screen at hospital. It’s been a crazy but fun 6 months.

Since my last update you have come on leaps and bounds! You are finally moving about a bit, and are rolling yourself from back to front, you haven’t quite mastered getting back yet! You are also lifting yourself off the ground, I think the whole street must have heard me cheering when you finally managed it. You love seeing the world from a different view. Well done Albs! Mummy is so proud!

I’m proud of you everyday you are such a smily happy baby to be around, you met some more cousins this month and they wouldn’t put you down! I think they would have taken you home if they had a chance. The baby books say about now you should be feeling stranger anxiety, but not you, you are happy with anyone.

You are doing so well with your eating. We have just moved on to the second stage, so you are loving yogurts, you cried so much when you finished your first one that I had to feed you another! I’ll write a post about weaning you soon.

Mummy and Daddy took you for a swim last week, you didn’t like it, it took us longer to get you dry than we were in the pool. It was loud and a bit cold so hopefully we can find a warmer pool for you next time, you love baths so I’m hoping you will like to swim, unless you take after your Daddy, he is a big wimp in water, especially the sea! But mummy loves the sea so you will be coming out with me!!

This week you have started babbling a lot more, and I have even had mum mum mum mum out of you, whether that’s just another noise to you I don’t know?? I hope not!

Your routine is perfect, you are usually bathed, feed and in bed by 7, waking up around 7-8am, you do like to wake me occasionally for your dummy, please stop that 🙂

Albie you are such a special little boy, we both love you so much and you are the most important person in our lives!

Thank you for being you !

Lots of love



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