Weaning Albie

DSC_0609As you know we started weaning Albie at 4 months, we have now reached the 6 month stage so he is on 3 meals a day now and he is doing really well with his eating.

On a typical day Albie will have his morning bottle followed by a weetabix made with cows milk (Cows milk can be used in cereal and cooking from the 6 month stage, it can not be used as babies main milk supply until baby hits the 12 month mark) For lunch he will have a homemade puree (textured not smooth but not lumpy) something like Annabel Karmels Salmon Puree ( see below for albies tried and tested menu) followed by a yogurt and fruit. He cut his lunchtime bottle pretty much a week after being on 3 meals a day, he just didn’t seem interested, So that was a nice easy transition (and one less bottle to sterilise every night *claps*) He will then have a bottle around 3ish and his dinner around 4pm which would be another puree, followed by a rice pudding or fruit puree. He finishes the day with his bedtime bottle. He isn’t a big milk drinker, taking between 5-7oz each time.

I thought it would be useful to new mummies to let you know my weaning essentials, so when you do chose to wean, whether it be 4,5 or 6 months you will be ready and well prepared.

– A steamer is a must have item for me, although you could boil your fruit and veg, steaming really helps to keep the nutrients of the all the food, plus with three tiers it’s much easier than having three saucepans on the go.

– A blender of some sort, I started using a hand blender, however I found that were I wasn’t making huge portion sizes it was quite hard to make sure all the mixture had blended thoroughly, plus I’m lazy and hated standing there holding the button for what seemed like forever. I bought the mini Tommee Tippee puree blender last week and I wish I had it sooner, It’s so much easier to shove all your ingredients in and turn on, it also has two settings, one for puree and one for lumpier food. It is quite small, but I find if I put half my mixture in by the time its all pureed down I have room to add more to it. There is no need to by a specifically designed puree blender if you have a food processor at home then that should work just as well.

– Weaning pots. I really didn’t see the need to spend a fortune on actual weaning pots, lets be honest, they are just pots! The size in the photo is the size we are using now but when we first started weaning we used much smaller ones (held about 2oz) These ‘lock in’ tupperware pots are great, they are the perfect size, freezable and non spill. I bought both these and the smaller ones from our local pound shop, there were three in a pack,  I bought 6.

– Spoons, lot of spoons, I tend to leave mine all over the place (Spoons and milk powder pots!) I bought the heat ones, they change colour if the food is too hot.

– Food insulator pouch. I use the Tommee Tippee one as it came with my steriliser set. I tend to use this to keep yogurt cool if it’s warm outside, or I heat up the food so its quite hot before leaving the house if I know I will be out and about feeding Albie, never underestimate how annoying trying to heat food up in a bowl of hot water is!

–  A beaker, I find the non spill ones a right pain and even I have trouble getting water from it so this is the best one I found, it is non-spill but there is no need for babies to suck hard. I also like the very basic Tommee Tippee beaker with the pull up spout.

– Lastly you are going to need a highchair and a bib! We have the Brother Max Scoop highchair, it’s amazing, I’ll review it soon for you. Wipe down bibs are a must have item!

That’s pretty much all the essentials apart from the food of course!

So far Albie has sampled food from the Annabel Karmel recipe book, these include, the Salmon puree (goes down very well) Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese, Courgette gratin and just the veg and fruit purees. Its food making day today so up on next weeks menu, we have a chicken dish, a mince dish and another fish sample.

If you would like any of the recipes for the foods I have mentioned above let me know and I’ll whizz them over to you.




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