Packing for Holiday..

We go on our first family holiday in just 4.5 weeks time and I am already starting to think about packing everything I need for Albie. There is so much to think about, and so little luggage space left for shoes! Life would be a lot easier if he wasn’t eating three meals a day. I am putting my list out here now, for all you experienced holiday makers to tell me what I have forgotten.

Food– I’ll be using Ellas kitchen for the week we are away, I do make all of Albies food but this seems a lot easier to travel with, we are staying in a villa so heating up food will be easy. I will also take some weetabix and readybrek for his breakfast. Yogurts I am hoping I can buy out there, but I’ll take a few fruit pouches just incase. I don’t want to end up with burst yogurt all over my suitcase.

Milk– A box of formula, but I am thinking about ready made cartons for the week, then we don’t have to worry about the water. Does anyone recommend taking ready made? Albie also has full fat cows milk with his cereal now, but I spoke with the Health visitor today and she suggested going back to formula just incase. So I will be taking her advice.

Toiletries–  Baby body wash, sponge, baby towel, talc and moisturiser. Child friendly factor 50+ sunscreen. Thermometer, calpol and bongela.

Nappies– I think these are going to need a suitcase of their own, I’m thinking of using my Daddys hand luggage just for nappies. I use about 5 a day (obviously more if he’s wet or done a number 2) So I’ll pack about 50 for the week, I’m sure I can find more if need be. I’ll also be packing some swim nappies for him.

Clothes– apart from the obvious, shorts and t-shirts. I will be taking a sunsuit to protect his little body for any sun rays, lots of hats, even one of those gross ones with the long neck. I will be keeping Albie out of the sun as much as possible but he  will need to be out in it at some point. Cardigans and light weight jacket for the evenings and a lightweight tog sleepsuit.

Misc– Luckily we have hired a travel cot for our villa so I won’t need one of these. We are hiring a car seat from the hire car company so we won’t need that. I will need to take a lightweight stroller, we haven’t purchased one yet but I am hoping to pick one up from the Baby and Toddler show (you can win tickets to this by entering here: . Can you recommend a good, lightweight, reclining stroller???

I think (She says) that is everything, I’m sure I will have forgotten something huge, if not lots of things!! Please do let me know what you found helpful on your first holiday with baby. 


3 thoughts on “Packing for Holiday..

  1. We used ready made formula when we took Austin away to Greece at 9 months old. You can phone Boots at the airport to reserve formula to collect after security, so it doesn’t count as your luggage weight. Have a fab holiday!!!xx

  2. I wish I could use ready made formula, but Henry is cows milk protein intolerant so he’s on prescription formula – it’s going to weigh a tonne when we go away! I’ll be buying the Zeta Vooom Stroller from Amazon for our holiday, it’s had really good reviews and it’s cheap! x

  3. We’re going away in June when our lg will be 6 months. I feel like I need to pack so much! We were thinking of using ready made and disposable bottles for the flight there and back but take a carton for while we’re there. x

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