The Brother Max Scoop Highchair

DSC_0628 I am totally in love with this highchair. I will admit I was just going to purchase a bog standard 60 quidder but after my Nan spotted this on ‘This Morning’ she wouldn’t let it drop and insisted I get this high chair “the guy from JLS has it Sarah” ….. “OK Nan that’s sold it for me.” So I ordered the Brother Max Scoop from Mothercare as they had 15% off the price. 

I did have to wait ten days for delivery, which was a little bit of a downer but hey ho, it was worth the wait. The high chair arrived in a huge heavy box. If you are looking for a lightweight highchair then this isn’t for you, but it does have wheels on the bottom for easy movement around the room. It was so easy to put it together, and I did, all by myself, without a youtube tutorial (unlike the travel cot from hell)

The high chair comes with an array of fabulous features. The seat can be lowered by the gas pedal on the base of the chair (like a desk chair) Albie loves going up and down (and up and down and up and down…..) It is so easy to clean, straps are provided but these are not needed due to ‘egg shape’ and the lap tray, I know mums have real trouble when trying to clean the straps of traditional high chairs, so this takes away that hassle. The sponge like inner seat is completely removable, this is great for when it needs a good old scrub down. The seat turns 360 degrees, I haven’t used this feature much as the highchair is in the same position every day however it will come in useful at some point I’m sure. Lastly the highchair tray is removable so once Albie gets a bit older he can use the highchair up at the table. The inner seat can be removed for older children, meaning the can either use it at the table or at the homework desk (using the gas lowering function)

This highchair does not fold down, I don’t see this is a bad thing, I don’t know about you but with all household chores these is a part I really hate, putting clothes away after ironing, putting the hoover lead away, emptying the dishwasher, so I know if I did have a foldable high chair I would never put it down and if I did I would hate putting it up all the time. I can’t think of anything else to tell you that might put you off buying this. Albie loves his chair, he looks so comfortable in it and is happy to sit in it for a while, if I’m hoovering or something that means he can’t be on the floor.

I am so glad my Nan convinced me into buying this. It is definitely one of my best baby buys.


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