Dear Albie.. 7 months

DSC_0685Last week you turned 7 months and you have changed so much in the last month.  It’s like you have really become a little boy rather than a baby. Although you still let Mummy and Daddy smother you in kisses so that’s a good thing (for us, you probably hate it)

You are rolling all over the place now and manage to get yourself across a room, when you can be bothered that is. Sometimes you just like to whine until I roll you back from your tummy. You are sitting by yourself for short periods of time, I still don’t leave you to sit by yourself as you have only just started to sit in the last few days and will go side to side, forward and backwards, it won’t belong till you can sit completely alone.

You and Tilly the little pug have become best friends, you don’t leave each others side, I even have to send her out of the room when it’s lunch time so you stop getting distracted by her. She is such an little bug but she really is good with you, even when you kick her in the face (repeatedly)

You are totally obsessed with balloons and Mickey Mouse so Daddy went out and bought you a Mickey Mouse Balloon, you love it so much. No one can get any attention from you if Mickey Mouse is on the TV.

You are doing amazingly well with your food, this morning we mixed weetabix and banana and you wolfed it down. Although you have no teeth (and no sign of teeth) you are a great little chewer. We cut up a strawberry or some watermelon and you have a right good little munch on them. Watching you chew really reminds me of how fast you are growing up. I let you try your first bit of chocolate on easter sunday, you had a milky button but in all honesty I think you prefer banana so we won’t be rushing the extra sugar in you.

You learned the word Dada in the last month too, and since you have said this, you haven’t even tried to utter muma again, but I still won’t let it drop that Muma was your first word, even if you have  forgotten how to say it!!! Evertime I say Muma, you say Dada. Naughty boy.

You are still so long and way over the 100 percentile for your age. Weight wise you were 16lb 3oz about 3 weeks ago, so still quite teeny on that front.

You are really good at spending time without Mummy and Daddy, you have sleepovers with your aunties and days out with both Nannas, even Great Nanny and Grandad take care of you if Mummy needs to run to the shops for 5 mins. You’re such a happy, contented little boy no one minds having you. You still sleep amazingly well, only last night did you do a straight 14 hour sleep, so we had a lovely 8.20am lay in!

We went to your baby friend Harrys 1st Birthday Party this month, it was lovely to see how much you two have grown in the last year, it reminds me that it won’t be long until we will be celebrating your first year with us.

Albie you truly are a special little boy, just looking at your big blue eyes melts my heart. I don’t think we could ever explain the amount of love and pride we have for you.

Next months update will be a bit late as we return from our first family holiday on your 8 month birthday

Love you





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