Dear Albie …. 8 months

This update is a little late, mainly due to you being a total pickle all week and driving mummy crazy, this has been the hardest week since you were born, give me the sleepy newborn you any day.

The doctors have said you have a chest infection, well it’s been 5 days of antibiotics now and you don’t seem to be improving. You wake up at night and are clingier and needier for mummy hugs than you have ever been. You have cottoned on that screaming long enough will earn you a place next to mummy in her big bed. Daddy was away all weekend at some stupid VW Campervan festival, with no phone reception, idiot! so he didn’t get to see the worst of you! You had such a high temperate, I can still hear a little rattle on your chest, so if you are no better after this weekend we shall be going back to the doctors, please please please be better ! I take my hat off to all mummies and daddies that have babies that aren’t as laid back as you! One thing Mummy is not good at is having the patience to ignore whinging, I find it incredibly hard but I know it’s not your fault and I know you are looking forward to being your normal cheery self again too.

You are finally sitting unaided, it’s only taken you 8 months boyo! You also love to stand!! You can’t get yourself into either sitting or standing position, but when I do try to sit you anywhere you stiffen you long legs so you can stand instead of sit!

We went on our first holiday this month, I’ll do a post about that separately, it was hard work, but so lovely to spend time as a family.

You still refuse to say Mumma again, we can do dadda and nanna and sometimes even ‘ta’ but not Mumma!!! Ggggrrrr. I feed you, clothe you, bathe you and all i get is ‘dadda’

You’ve been off your food and I’m just putting it down to your illness, however I started mashing rather than purée so hoping that’s not putting you off. You are great with fingers foods though, strawberries, raspberries, banana, rice cakes, biscotti and toast are firm favourites in our house.

I haven’t had you weighed in a while but you don’t seem much heavier than last time and with being poorly I wouldn’t have expected you to gain much. You are still such a tall boy, I think we measured you at 2ft 6in last week!!

You are getting around pretty well by rolling but no signs of crawling yet, it wouldn’t surprise me if you went straight to walking. We spend a lot of time at your great nanny and grandads, you love it there because nanny lets you watch whatever you want on the tv! Plus you get to see everyone there as the whole family usually pile in!

Mummy and daddy are in London this Saturday hallelujah!! so you are having a sleepover with your nanny! I’m not going to lie, I can’t freaking wait for a lay in.

Another exciting thing we have planned this coming month is your nursery visits waaaaaahhh! You start on June 30th, so just over 4 weeks. I really thought I would miss you terribly however after this week I’m starting to look forward to it, just kidding turtle boy, it’s going to be so hard but even if not returning to work was a possibility I think it’s going to be good for all of us and I’m looking forward to starting the next phase of our life.

Routine wise we are up in the air but before your little blip this week, we still do bath at 6, bottle at 6.30 and bed by 7pm, usually through to 7am. You had just started popping in your own dummy too, so even though you have slept through since 9 weeks I was still having to give you your dummy a couple of times a night most nights so even just gaining those extra 2 mins every night does the world of good.

Please get well soon mate. I hate seeing you like this and I miss you!



Ps my camera broke so these pics are iphone snaps

Oopsy I forgot to mention, you cut your first tooth !!







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