Lessons learned … Albies first holiday

I thought I had thought of everything when packing Albies case for holiday and to be honest I didn’t have to make any dashes to the shop to for emergency supplies, we did however do a shop for fresh fruit, juice and yogurts for him.

There are a couple of things that we didn’t take that I wish we had. Albie is at the stage where he likes to be left alone to play and roll about on the floor, which was slightly worrying as all the floors were tiled in our apartment, I really wish we had taken a play mat with us. In the end we ended up taking our duvet off the bed and putting it on the floor for him. The result? A much happier baby and a bit of a dirty duvet  for us.

It’s difficult to take a highchair but I found feeding Albie a real pain and things got very messy without one . I would suggest a fold away light weight one that you can take with you or finding a baby equipment hire company where you are staying. There were two near us, although by the time I thought about this it was a little late but it’s something I will be researching before we go anywhere  next time.

New toys!!! If you want to keep your little one occupied on the plane then new toys to play with our a must, Albie paid no interest in his same old toys so we took a trip to the local toy shop and bought him a few bits and he totally perked up….. for that afternoon anyway.

Clothes wise I do think we took the right amount, we did have things planned so it wasn’t much of a lazing by the pool holiday. If it had have been I would have taken fewer clothes as the days would have been spent with him in his sunsuit, talking of those take two. They get covered in food, sand and suncream.

Snacks are always good, Albie is quiet whenever he has a rice cake in his hand so if your little one is the same, stock up for the flight and take some out with you in the evening to keep baby occupied whilst you’re eating.

Don’t be polite, I was and regretted it. We paid for priority boarding but as per, the Clarkes were running late (even after lying to Mr.C that the flight was half an hour earlier than it actually was) so we has to queue outside the plane to get on in the UK. It was so windy and chilly, Albie had no coat on just his baby grow and gro bag, so I was covering his ears. Only one person let us go in front. Once on the plane I saw a lady with a much older baby telling the steward her husband had the boarding passes but she skipped the queue because of baby!! I wish I had done that, people understand, I don’t really think anyone would say no to a women with a young child.

Take a baby carrier or sling, we didn’t use it very much but if you want to have a nice walk along the beach then forget the buggy, that ain’t going anywhere on sand!

Milton sterilising tablets are great, no need to even bottle the kettle, you dissolve in cold water, add the washed bottles and they are done in 15 mins, they can also stay in there for up to 24 hours.

Water! I stressed a lot about using bottled or tap water, the tap water was safe in Cyprus but we did use both tap and bottle. I know bottled water isn’t recommended but it did Albie no harm in a week, so if you are out and you need to give your little one some water then bottled will do just fine. We did boil both bottled and tap water for his milk bottles.

Lastly don’t worry and stress, there are shops everywhere, you will find nappies, wipes, baby body wash etc, OK so it may not be your preferred brand but it’s not going to hurt for a week or two (Make sure you do take enough formula, the only brand I recognised was Aptimal)

Bon Voyage

If you didn’t catch our holiday vlog you can view it here:


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