Returning to work

SAM_0900The time to return to work is getting closer and closer, the days are flying past, I know have officially one week until the end of my ‘maternity leave.’ I start work on the 30th June, that’s 3 weeks monday, shit! 

Not only do I have feelings of anxiety over leaving Albie in nursery three full days a week but I’ll be starting a new job in a new company. I am really excited about the opportunity but obviously nervous too, I will be working with a friend so that really eases some of the worry. We had dinner this week and something she said actually made me think, crap, that will be my life, not spending every second with Albie, some lucky person at his nursery gets to see him all day whilst I’m at work. It’s going to be so strange, don’t get me wrong, I think even if I could afford not to go back to work I would still want to, for my own sanity, I have always worked (or studied) so to me working is part of me, that separate person from mummy and wife, being a mummy is the hardest job in the world, however I’m so used to working or studying religiously that I feel a little bit zombified (please don’t shoot me, if you are a stay at home mummy, that’s great for you, we are all different and for me as a person I need to work) I would love to work half days every single day but the job I do doesn’t allow that and the income just wouldn’t be worth it. My new company and my new boss know that family is priority and it’s so great to hear that from them, I am going to be working 4 days a week so I have a Wednesday to spend with Albie! It’s his day with mummy and my day with him, no housework, no boring ‘to-do’s’ it will be a day for us to do something together and have lots of fun.

I’m not worried about how Albie will be at nursery, he doesn’t mind being left with people, he’s a pretty good baby and as long as he can roll about he is happy. I’ll do a post on the nursery we chose soon and let you know how his settling in sessions go this month.

So this month will be all about preparing for work, I want need to purchase a new work wardrobe so that will cheer me as always, we need to have a huge clear out of all the things Albie doesn’t use anymore and put it away or list on eBay, as well as nursery visits for Albie.

It’s going to be a busy June, and an even busier, hectic, crazy July. Finding my feet as a mummy, wife and employee!

How did you cope returning to work? Or what are your concerns when you think about going back?


3 thoughts on “Returning to work

    • It’s the same as my old job, I’m a recruitment consultant, so not too nerve racking. I wish I could stay home a little longer but Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things 🙂

  1. I really dreaded returning to work but honestly the thought is much worse than the reality. It’s almost like I never left! It’s great being a working mummy, and really makes you appreciate the days you do get with your baby. Mason settled so well into nursery, as I’m sure Albie will. He is very tired after a day in nursery but he really enjoys it! Best of luck, you’ll be fine! X

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