Working mummies

Wow! I’ve been back at work two days, two whole days 8.30-5.30, and I am absolutely frickin knackered. It’s such hard work being an employee and a mummy, and I really just wanted to put a point across, something that frustrates me a lot little, I have noticed it increasingly on Facebook and other social networking sites, I know this may cause a few raised eyebrows and I’m not saying that my way is the right way it’s just my opinion and I’m sure other working mummies feel the same.

Although I work pretty much full time now, I am and always will be a full time mummy, it is my priority and the first thing I think of when I wake and last thing before I sleep (once I’ve gone over the list of to dos before 8am) so when mummies that are lucky enough to stay at home with their little ones list full time mummy as their job title it touches a nerve (you know the overprotective mummy one) I have to work and I want to work.I believe nursery is great for little ones, yes, if I could work two days a week it would be great but that’s just not possible, does it make me a part time mummy? No, of course it doesn’t.

I always say being a mummy is the hardest job in the world, but it’s not a job, in fact it’s harder, there are no financial rewards and some days you feel totally deflated and a bit useless. But then you get these moments that make all the crappy days a little easier to deal with, that cheeky first thing in the morning smile, the little shoulder cuddles and the heart melting giggle.

I have total respect for stay at home mummies, especially those that run out of hands for the kiddies to hold, but us working mums still have to do all those boring chores (with daddies help) and still capture all those magic memories with our little ones, so spare a thought next time you say you’re a full time mummy, because whether we work not, we all are.


3 thoughts on “Working mummies

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m a stay at home mum and I have the up most respect for working mummies, I don’t know how they do it all!! I hardly have enough hours in the day at home let alone if I was working too. Ps. I hope the transition has gone well for you guys 🙂 xx

  2. I’m a mum to a one year old girl. I’m determined to make a career out of my artwork so that I can stay at home as much as possible. I don’t have family around to help out with child care and so actually leaving her for me to go out to work has made no sense. I’m not sure how well I would function in the real world at the moment! My brain power has been reduced to singing nursery rhymes on loop. I think anyone that manages to keep their family going, whatever way works for them deserves a medal. Cos none of its easy!

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