Dear Albie… 10 months

IMG_7620Ooopsy Mummy didn’t did a 9 month update on here but I did record a blog for you to watch instead, however in future I think I’ll write your monthly progress, it seems much more personal and I would love for you to come on here when you’re grown up, maybe to even to show your own little ones! Wow! Mummy will be really old by then (Well I better bloody be kiddo!)

Daddy and I love you more with each day that we get the pleasure of spending with you. Your little personality is really shining through, I think you even know how to make Mummy laugh (usually with your tiger roar!) Most nights before bed Daddy goes to check on you and he always makes me come in your room just to see how cute you look and what crazy position you have got yourself in. But he’s right, you do look so cute all starfish’d out on your cot!

We have started teaching you things now so you interact a lot more, you can give the cutest high fives, it’s one of your favourite things to do, you wave goodbye (when you want to that is, usually when we have left the person we were saying goodbye to) You can find mummy’s nose but I have to make the beep beep noise every time or it’s not that fun is it? Yesterday we had stay and play day at your Nursery so Mummy came was there when you woke up from Nap time, you were so shocked to see me there at that time and you went a little shy, like nursery was your own secret world, but you soon come alive when we made Ice creams, you are such a good sharer, it was one bite for Albie and one for Mummy, your nursery nurses even got some photos as they said its rare to share so well at your age! ***proud mummy alert*** AND…… DRUM ROLL…… you finally cottoned on that rolling isn’t the only way to get around, you have started a little commando crawl, I first saw you do it at nursery, i wanted to scream from the rooftops but I saved that till we got home and showed Daddy.

You’re eating really well now, you prefer to feed yourself, so breakfast lately has been Shreddies, a banana and some toast (little piglet) if you see me with something you don’t have…. well lets just say it doesn’t stay mine for long. Lunch is usually a sandwich, or a wrap, or pitta filled with cheese spread, grated cheese, tuna, ham, hummous and grated carrot, sometimes something warm like cheese on toast or scrambled egg, we always follow lunch with a yogurt and a handful of fruit, usually strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. You love to snack on breadsticks and olives, they are your absolute favourite. Dinner is something hot, packed with veggies and usually something you can feed yourself, which is actually anything you can shove in your mouth, from fish pie to spaghetti bolognese and tuna and pasta bake, you love most foods, except cucumber and raw peppers.

I haven’t had you weighed in a while but I’d put a guess in of about 19lbs. You don’t seem to get any chunkier just longer and longer. You are still are very long limbed little man, however you do still fit in some 3-6 month t-shirts but if I put you in those trousers they would be more like shorts on you. So trousers we are in 9-12, tops mostly 6-9, you do have some 9-12 but they just look a little baggy at the moment.

As usual you are getting on so well at Nursery, they all love you there and all the ladies come to wave goodbye to you. You spend Fridays with Nanny Maggie, so you get to go to Great Nanny and Grandads very friday for your lunch, I’m so jealous that I’m sat in the office and you get treated like royalty by the grandparents (that was my position you have stolen MR)

Teethy pegs!!! You have 5 nashers now, they are just popping up one after the other. The two top teeth are huuuuuge! The three bottom ones are teeny… I really hope you get Daddy’s teeth. You have coped so well with them though, we have a had a couple of nights when you have come in with us for cuddles until you settled down but nothing snuggles with Mummy and Daddy didn’t solve.

Mummy and Daddy are thinking about taking a long weekend away with each other and leaving you with your Aunty Chel, it hasn’t been decided yet as we will both miss you terribly!! I know you will be fine though, getting spoilt and coo’ed over.

Any way little turtle, as always we love you more than anything, it impossible to even describe how much we love you. !

Love always



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