Dear Albie…. 11 months

DSC_0144So our little turtle boy is 11 months old, how on earth has that happened? This time last year, I was running waddling around like a headless fat fly excitedly getting ready for our pending arrival. I would never have imagined the overwhelming love and pride we would have for this little boy floating around in my stretched tummy! The daily ritual of lathering myself in bio-oil, the agonising night cramps and the killer heartburn all seem like an insignificant distance memory. What’s a couple of cramps (a night) when you have this amazing perfect thing as a result. I was excited as much as I was fed up, Talcum powder had become my best friend during the hot sticky summer and I had truly had enough of feeling like a huge baby carrier, it’s fair to say I did not enjoy being pregnant, in fact every time I see a pregnant women in this humid weather I don’t get broody like most, I feel for them, but would I do it all again knowing what I know now, hell yeah! I mean, maybe not for another one, but for you Albie, One Hundred Percent!

This last month has been so much fun for us as parents, You have learned so many new skills, you have been able to a few of these things for a while but now you do them all the time, at the correct times and also to show off a little bit and make us laugh. You have your own special wave, akin to the royal wave but a little less co-ordinated, you love to wave goodbye to people (and the dog every morning), usually a little bit after the door has closed but you know that you should wave when he leaves somewhere. You are learning what noises animals make, you have the cutest little Simba style lion/tiger roar, a crocodile snap and a doggy woof, OK, it sounds a little like a quack but you’re learning! The horsey trot noise is more like a suck of his bottom lip but it’s the most adorable thing, once you have done these little things we tell you how smart you are and which results in you going on to clap yourself and get even more excited by it, you now roar out of nowhere just for the applause. **If anyone reading ever sees me, don’t ask him to do these things because of course, he won’t perform on demand so usually makes Mummy and Daddy look stupid (and a little bit like we are getting him ready for channel 4’s child genius, we don’t need that show, we already know he is, right? right?)**

Your speech is coming on so well, your favourite word is still Dadda, unless Dadda is doing something you don’t like, getting dressed, wiping face, telling you no, then you will shout Mumma! I am pretty sure you are playing us off each other already! As you know you have three nanas, so that’s another of your favourite words. You are also starting to say Ta, when you really really want something, usually your toothbrush, you love brushing those gigantic teeth, you even asked for your Great Grandad to say Ta before sharing your fruit with him, Ta, Ta, Ta, eventually letting it go. Speaking of teeth, we has 6 shiny white nashers, 5 fully through and one just poking (three top, three bottom)  Thanks you Albie, you have been an absolute angel with your teething, we may have had the odd night (by odd, I mean 2) where we have had ten minutes of tears, but you are  soon calmed with a cuddle in mummy and daddy’s bed and then placed back in your own. We are so lucky on this front.

Your speech certainly make up for your lack of motor skills, Albs you still roll most places but you can commando crawl now and you’re pretty fast at it, you don’t seem the slightest bit interested in going up on all fours now that you have mastered this new way of getting around. You can’t sit yourself up from a lying position yet, this is slightly annoying but we aren’t worried, you are in no rush so neither are we. You are however trying to pull yourself up on things, but I just don’t think those skinny little legs are quite strong enough yet. You can stand holding on to things once you’re up though, and you like to walk with us holding your hands, but you tend to fall back when using the walker though. I have been told to cherish this stage as it won’t be long before we can’t leave you for two minutes. You are obsessed with doors, if you see one that you can swing on you are there in a shot. You have also taken a liking to plug sockets; luckily there is only one in our lounge that you can get to, but as soon as my backs turned, you manage to make his way over there.

You have really started playing now, you love putting things into the shape sorter, then taking the lid off and getting it out. You love throwing the ball pit balls (trying to anyway,) your favourite books are the ‘that’s not my…’ you know exactly what to do when you see the different textures. Your favourite toys however are anything, plastic and musical with flashing lights, a great compliment to our vintage living room!!!

Weight wise we have a super fly weight on our hands (so daddy likes to think) You are between the 9th-25th percentile, weighing in at 18lbs 8lb last week.  You measure 76cm so between the 50th and 75th line for height,  you’ve slowed down a bit but still a tall slim little chap. You are still fitting in a couple of 3-6 month t-shirts but mainly in 6-9months, you do fit a couple of 9-12 months but they are a little baggy on your teeny shoulders and neckline. You are usually sporting a pair of leggings as they are the best fit for you, age 9-12 months fit your waist and length well, however jeans are near impossible to fit, they are the right length but even the skinniest of jeans look like you are impersonating Eminem (ask me who he is) and the smaller size just don’t fit you in length **So if anyone knows where I can buy super skinny jeans please share before I head out and put him in some girls jeggings** (sorry Albs)

I don’t know why you are so slim; you definitely don’t have my metabolism so it must all be from the Clarke side. You eats so well and so much,  easily polishing off 2 Weetabix and a banana for breakfast, for lunch you will eat a whole sandwich, you had cheese and pickle the other day and devoured it, with berries and yogurt, then a Satsuma and probably a couple of biscotti’s. For tea it will be something home cooked, along the lines of Tuna and Pasta bake that I have made packed with veggies, or a vegetable chilli, I do have to find things you can feed yourself as you pretty much throws a paddy every time I put a spoon to your mouth. I feel like my life is spent cleaning the highchair and the floor, the dog does come in handy something when we have a clean-up situation going on.

Your routine is still perfect, bed by 7pm at the latest and we see you again at 7am, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later. Very rarely do we have to see to him in the night, if we do it’s usually because daddy has been loud coming upstairs or Daddy goes in and pokes you to say goodnight/wake you up for cuddles.

The next update I write you will be a whole year old!! A WHOLE 12 MONTHS! We are busy planning your party and have invited all your friends and family to come and play with you.  We know you won’t remember it but Mummy and Daddy need a party to celebrate your first year with us!

Until next time my little friend.

Love you



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