A typical Mummy day v a typical Daddy day

In no way am I Daddy bashing here! Lucie and I had a little chat yesterday about the difference between Mummy and Daddy’s typical day and it got me thinking about how hard us Mummies work. I know a lot of my Mummy friends do the majority of the housework and chores, but hey, maybe you have the perfect husband or partner that loves to cook, clean and iron, unfortunately mines not one of those. This is just a very typical day in the Clarke household, however to give my husband the credit he deserves I must say he is very good with his hands, I mean DIY just incase your minds are wondering!! He has made our house into a lovely home, built us a lovely extension that is now our dining room, landscaped out garden and built a huge ‘man shed’. Our driveway is nearly finished and he is half way through our loft conversion with plans to add an extra staircase and built in wardrobes. So I guess he has his uses!!

Mummy 7am- woken up by the usual Albie alarm call of kicking his cot, drag self out of bed and collect the excitable boy to take downstairs

Daddy 7am – put alarm on snooze

Mummy 7.10am- Put the kettle on, make tea for mummy and daddy, make Albies bottle, feed dog.

Daddy 7.10am – March out of bed, get tea, drink tea, let dog out.

Mummy 7.20am – Give baby a wash, change nappy and get dressed.

Daddy 7.20am – Hop in the shower

Mummy 7.30am – wait patiently for Daddy to get out of the shower.. tick, tock, tick tock

Mummy 7.40am – Have the quickest shower known to women

Daddy 7.40am- Get dry, moisturise and get dressed.

Mummy 7.45am- Get dry, get dressed, no time for Moisturising

Daddy  7.50am – Play with and wind the baby up just before going out the door.. Great..

Mummy 7.50am- Apply makeup, using fingers for foundation, no time to use a brush, may or may not brush hair.

Daddy 7.55am-  Love you’s and kisses and off to work for the day

Mummy 7.55am – Remember tea made from 45 minutes ago, drink the cold tea.

Mummy– 8am- put baby’s shoes on, handle baby’s temper tantrum whilst putting his shoes on and whilst trying not get covered in dog hair.

Mummy 8.10am – Lock doors, Get mummy’s bag, get Albie’s bag, check that I haven’t forgotten anything for nursery, remember a bag of egg boxes and toilet rolls for nursery so go back for that.

Mummy 8.15am- get to car, realise car keys are still in house, go back in house. Search house for keys, find keys under sofa!

Mummy 8.20am – Drive to nursery, take baby into nursery, say hi to nursery nurses, give baby kiss and cuddle, remove buggy from car and leave at nursery.

Mummy 8.25am- Drive home from nursery, park up, release I don’t have my work security pass, go back in house, search for pass, find pass in toy box.

Mummy 8.30am- Walk to work.

Mummy 8.40am- Arrive at work, shit! Forgot breakfast.

Mummy 9am-12pm- work, work, work

Mummy 12pm- walk back home, let dog out, attempt to make a sandwich, no butter, walk to town.

Daddy-12pm- buy lunch, eat lunch.

Mummy 12.25pm- buy lunch, walk back to work.

Mummy 12.40pm- eat lunch whilst reading the trash that is the daily mail. Discuss celeb gossip with colleagues.

Mummy– 1pm- 5.30pm – work, work, work

Daddy 1pm-5.30pm – work, work, work

Mummy 5.30pm- leave work, walk to nursery, collect baby, chat with ladies about baby’s day, handle tired grumpy baby on the walk home.

Daddy 5.30pm- drive home from work.

Mummy 6pm – arrive home, play with baby for half an hour.

Daddy 6pm – arrive home, kisses for Mummy and Daddy make cups of tea.

Mummy 6.30pm- put tired, grumpy baby in the bath.

Daddy 6.30pm- make baby’s bottle.

Daddy 6.45pm- play with baby, wind baby up before bed, give baby bottle.

Mummy 6.45pm- start making dinner.

Daddy 7pm – place overtired baby in cot.

Mummy 7pm- run upstairs and give baby kiss goodnight.

Mummy 7.10pm- serve dinner, usually something easy, chicken stir fry minus the noodles.

Mummy and Daddy 7.15pm- eat dinner

Daddy 7.30pm- needs to let dinner go down before cleaning up after dinner ???

Mummy 7.30pm- fed up of waiting for kitchen to cleaned up, so cleans kitchen. This may revert back to Daddy if Mummy really can’t be bothered. To give credit, Daddy cooked and cleaned dinner once this week, it was noted as the best meal of all time (by him) This will be played on for at least a month.

Mummy 8pm- bring washing down stairs, load washing machine, only time for a quick wash.

Daddy 8pm- Makes ‘get rich quick plans’

Mummy 8pm-8.40pm – sit down, browse YouTube and blogs.

Mummy 8.40 pm- put washing in tumble dryer

Mummy 8.40pm – 9.40- finally sit down for a while, watch some TV and chat to Daddy about his latest get rich quick idea.

Mummy 9.40pm – take clothes out of tumble dryer, sort into Mummy’s, Daddy’s, baby’s and ironing. Judge what really needs ironing. Add ironing to pile of other ironing. Run clothes upstairs, put Mummy’s clothes away, check baby and leave baby’s clothes in his room. (Wait 2 weeks for Daddy to put his clothes away)

Daddy– 9.45pm- make cups of tea, chat on sofa about normal mummy and daddy things.

Mummy and Daddy 11pm- head to bed.

Daddy 11.05pm- last check on Baby, asks mummy where his work trousers are, mummy informs him they are on the clean pile of washing he has moved from the bed to the floor.

Mummy and Daddy 11.10- Love you’s and Goodnight.

7am- Here we again!


Mummies, how do your days compare? does your ironing pile slowly but surely increase to something resembling the leaning tower of Pisa?


6 thoughts on “A typical Mummy day v a typical Daddy day

  1. Hahaha this is brilliant! Why do men have the habit of getting babies all excited and silly just before bed/nap/going out?! Oh and the ironing like? I forgot about ironing months ago haha xx
    Emily – emilyandindiana.com

  2. I have the same with the dinner thing- I cook as he works way too late for me to wait, but always has to have 5 minutes ( actually at least 20!) for dinner to go down. It’s the way he declares he has to clear up (it’s very melodramatic) literally it’s just the dinner stuff, and he makes out it’s taking up his whole evening! So rude of me making dinner, ha ha xx

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