We love our personalised towel!

DSC_0360 O.K Albie not so much, trying to get a shot with the towel on his head took too bloody long a fair while shall we say. Albie grew out if his baby towels a while ago, but busy mummy just didn’t have the time or the inclination to buy another towel, lets be honest mummies, buying baby clothes and toys has to be one of the funnest parts of parenthood, to me a towel is boring, its a big bit of material to dry yourself, so we were carrying on wrapping Albie up in our big towels. Which is fine but not so great when your husband has used all the clean towels for one shower, this is more than acceptable for a lady, one for body, one for hair and one over shoulders to keep warm (or is that just moi?) However, men don’t get cold like us, and secondly my husband rocks the shaved head look so no need for a towel there (or shampoo if you are reading mr!!!) 

When ‘My 1st Years’ got in touch and asked me to chose an item,  it was a pretty tough choice, there website is full to the brim with lovely personalised items, from booties to xylophones. We needed a towel and I really didn’t want to buy one! When the towel arrived, it came in a gorgeous box, like Tiffany’s for babies. Turquoise with a big white silk bow lovingly wrapped around it. The towel is carefully wrapped in delicate tissue paper. The embroidery is amazing, Albie isn’t a common name at all, so to see his name on  something is just heart warming, I’m not sure if we will ever see it hanging on a pen rack in the local gift shop!

I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the towel, I had suspected it might be a normal size baby towel, however it wraps perfectly around my little sausage after bath time. The towel is so soft, just perfect for a bubbas skin, 100% cotton really does make a difference. Apart from looking ultra cute hanging on the back of his door,  it does what a towel should do, it keeps Albie warm and helps him dry off ready for his pre-bedtime massage. I would actually buy this towel, in fact I am going to make a little purchase for one of Albies’ friends first birthday.

My 1st Years is a lovely  company, their website is great and easy to use and the product range is amazing. If you know any babies with a slightly unusual name then this is a must have on-line shop for you. You can find them here 


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