Albies Cowboys & Indians 1st Birthday Party

DSC_0324Yes, I am about 2 months late with this and Yes, I haven’t managed to squeeze in Albies monthly updates in a while, but birthday photos are much more fun!

I always thought it was a bit over the top to throw a one year old a party, of course he won’t remember anything about it, it’s likely they’ll actually sleep through the whole thing and miss it completely, but you won’t, you’ll remember every second, mummies you might be trying to forget the pain you were experiencing 12 months earlier, but you’ll also be reminiscing of the first time you clapped your tired tear-filled eyes on the person that you would love most in your entire life, the one who you will give your life to and do anything for, so throw that party, congratulate yourselves, you’ve managed to turn out a pretty awesome thing and you have watched them grow from a baby to an actual personality, it’s crazy how time flies.

We thought about just having a gathering at home but by the time we counted just family, there were way too many kids running amock in my house to bear thinking about, so we hired a lovely gallery room in a local Performing Arts Company in the middle of our town.

Proteus Creation Space




The Party Table- We bought some cowboy and indian paraphernalia to decorate the table, including cowboy hats, neckerchiefs, sheriff stars, bow an arrows and little toy figurines. We ordered some plastic milk bottles too and filled them with milkshakes for the older kids. We went with blue, red and yellow for the colour scheme.


Leading up to the party I made some tissue paper garlands to hang around the place, they are so easy to do and the look great- thank you pinterest!!




Oh, I made the tissue paper pom pom’s too!

I knew there would be a good mix of older children running riot and little toddlers so needed something to keep them all amused and safe at the same time. We hired a great soft play, most of the little un’s spent time in the ball pond and the older ones basically tried to break all the rules I had read them! It was great though as it kept them all happy and loud










The kiddie winks loved it, it wore Albie out and he had a little nap mid way, but woke up just in time to blow his candles out spit on the cake 





We made some lovely memories and took lots of photos so Albie can see how much fun we had and how many people care about him.

Celebrating Albies first year was amazing. We got the best present ever on the 18th September 2013.  We can’t wait to throw a party every  year for him, but we encourage him to make few good friends, I’m not quite sure we can cope with that many children every year!!










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