The little things become the big things

IMG_8599Sometimes in life it takes something to wake you up and realise just how lucky you really are. What’s that old cheesy saying… the best things in life are free, well it’s true!

It’s so easy to lose sight of everything good in your life and all those little things you take completely for granted. Working 5 days a week full time is hard going, so every moment I have with Albie is precious, even when the little git monkey¬†is being a handful and getting right on my tits¬†testing my patience, I really try and just step back from the whinging and remember just how lucky I am to have him and for me to be the one he moans to. Some people never get to be that lucky.

We have a lovely home that we worked hard for, we both have great jobs, we have wonderful families and the three of us have each other. There are hard times, like really shitty hard times, when Albie is being handwork, our tiredness is rubbing each other up the wrong way and staying in bed under the covers seems like the best option for the day, well those are the days when you really have to try hard to appreciate each other and just remember how very lucky you are to have everything you could possibly need, your purse might be empty, but your heart will always be full.




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