Boys Christmas gift guide !

original_recycled-black-chevron-white-wrapping-paperHo Ho Ho… Too early?? November is the perfect month to start your Christmas shopping, all the seasonal bits are in stock without the manic hustle of last minute shoppers, including my husband,  He better have improved since my last birthday gifts, not quite sure that shower gel was the romantic gift I was hoping for!!

Luckily kiddies are a lot easier to buy for than a Wife. I’ve put together a little guide on some bits for Boys, Some of which aren’t appropriate for Albies age, but boys are so much fun I wanted to include



Robot Crayons – Albie loves scribbling, we usually use some dry wipe markers and let him ‘draw’ all over his high chair tray, he loves it! He does struggle to hold a thin crayon with a tight enough grip so these thick robot shaped crayons will be great for little ones that are just learning the wonderful world of art. You can pick these up from here…

Giant Colouring in Picture – If you are looking for something to keep the kiddies at bay during post Christmas dinner slob out time then this huge poster will work wonders! There might be fights over who gets to hang it in their bedroom though! Check it out here..

Building blocks- Far more interesting than your usual wooden block. I love the pictures on these and still have the traditional numbers printed on to help your little elf learn his counting.  These are available here..

Music box– I bloody well love this. All kids love making noise, mine is no exception! He does already have a ukulele from his Daddy, it mainly gets banged off the floor- born rocker! Maybe this could be a present for someone else’s kid?? Buy it here

Wooden coffee machine– Start them early, that’s what I say, the sooner they learn how to make Mummy’c magic juice, the better! Kids love to watch their parents so things and copy them, so if you’re like me your little barista will be a dab hand! Look here to get your own.

Wooden crossbow – The bigger boys will have hours of fun with this, the plastic ones do not look half as good as this bad boy, I imagine in propped up in the corner of their bedroom (when not being used to attack mummy!) I am so excited for when Albie is big enough to be running around the house with something like this in his hand! Head here to take a look.

Miniature train set-  Albies daddy make him a very ‘throw together’ electric train set last week and since then Albie has been obsessed with it, every time we enter his room all hear from him is ‘choo choo.’ He is obsessed, it’s so lovely to see his chubby cheeks get excited about something. Its the first thing we do when we get home from our days apart.  This set looks like an improvement on Albies homemade set, I’m already thinking about buying one (and all the accessories to make our own little Clarkeville)

Wooden tool bench– I thought Daddy might be more excited to see this than Albie, but I noticed Albie playing with one similar through the window of his nursery (I love being a spy Mummy) He loved banging away and putting things in the holes. Although he will only be 15 months at Christmas, this toy is one that will last, Just find some room for it. Take a sneak here..

I love all the above shops, don’t look if you can’t help yourself but buy—  you have been pre-warned!

Do you have any surprises lined up for your little helpers?? 


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