Mummy and Albies favourite reads

I have read to Albie every night since he was about 12 months, after bath time we have our chill out time, this involves watching ten minutes (I can’t handle any more than that) of In the Night Garden, his bed time bottle and a book of his choice. He has his favourite and I have mine, unfortunately he has very little interest in the book I enjoy the most. I absolutely love buying Albie new books, I really want to instal a love of reading in him, disgracefully Mr. C has never read a book, I wish this was something we could enjoy together, he just doesn’t understand how attached I get to characters (No, I don’t mean Christian Grey, Ok a little but just how heart melting is little Rudy in the Book Thief) I love that Albie enjoys me reading to him, he may have emptied the entire contents of his toy box but still find his favourite book and bring it over to me with his little puppy dog read to me eyes.

I did a little Amazon shop a few weeks ago and bought a bunch of new books, kids books quickly become very tiresome if you aren’t introducing new reads.

I have totally fallen in love with the author Oliver Jeffers, his books are so heart warming, they have the cutest illustrations and they really do take pride of place at the front of the book shelf.


The Incredible Book Eating boy explains just why I love to read, it’s quite wordy for Albie so I find his attention wanders a little towards the end of the book but I love reading it to him and I know it will become one of his favourites as he gets older.

Lost and Found is one of Albies favourite stories at the moment, it’s a tale of friendship between a boy and a penguin, it’s a very simple story and not too wordy, we even get to read this twice before bed sometimes (*oh the joys*)

Stuck, I love this, it’s very funny, this book will appeal to parents and babies alike, its quite elaborate but the illustrations really keep Albie amused, as does my story telling voice.

My Absolute favourite book by Oliver Jeffers is ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ I just wish Albie loved it as much as me, I have tried everything, even different voices for each of the crayons, he just doesn’t seem that interested at the moment. The story is, as the title suggests a book about crayons quitting, it features a series of letters to a boy named Duncan from each crayon letting him know why they are unhappy. I think all parents will love this book, it will be great when Albie starts learning his colours but for now it’s a mummies choice rather than babies. This is a book that will hopefully grow on his as he gets older.


We also love Stick Man in the Clarke house. It rhymes throughout so it really rolls of the tongue easily and keeps Albies entire attention. It also features an appearance from Santa at the end but its definitely suitable for reading anytime.


I bought Paddington and Elmer on recommendation from Hannah at I really thought that Paddington wouldn’t be Albies cup of tea or bottle of milk shall we say, however he really likes it, its very very wordy, but we get to the end of the book without him getting bored and fidgety. Who doesn’t love that little marmalade eating bear from Peru?

Elmer has to be his all time favourite book, I am so fed up of reading it, I may have accidentally on purpose left it at my sisters house when Albie stayed over. I was fed up of only ever hearing “Elmer, Elmer” at book time, I couldn’t take the patchwork elephant any longer. He seemed to understand the book quite well and chipped in with a little “Ohhh no” at the right time. I think to save my sanity I’ll be buying a new Elmer book with a different story line.  If you are looking for a new story, give this a go, I’m just sorry if you know it word for word on the second day.


I would love to hear your recommendations for your little ones, I know I’ll soon get tired of reading the same ones again and again, plus it means I get to go book shopping! 


By Carla Sleeping Bag

sleeping bagAs the cold weather started to set it we decided that Albie should come out of his 1 tog summer sleeping bag and move into a nice snug 2.5 winter one. I started to look around but it was proving difficult to find one with removable sleeves, purely by chance I was contacted by the lovely people at By Carla who offered to send me a sleeping bag for Albie.

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Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor


I delegated all control to Mr. C to do with the baby monitor, when I say all control I mean he could give ideas and I could tell him why they weren’t for us! Ooops. However I did mention to one of our good friends that I was looking into the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor. Mr.C was very relieved when our friend generously purchased this monitor for my Baby Shower present, I have been so impressed with this monitor so I know I made the right choice and wanted to let you know all about it if you are thinking of buying one.

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Delarom Bath Oil

One of the things I love to do to relax once Albie is in the land of nod is to have a steaming hot bath. It’s so nice to be able to have a hot bath, during pregnancy hot baths are to be avoided so I really missed them over the 9 months. My usual bath oil is Jo Malone Pomegranate noir, however it’s a bit pricey so will be a one off birthday or christmas treat, so when I was sent the delarom bath oil from the Urban Retreat Beautique, I couldn’t wait for Albies bed time so I could draw a bath and light some candles.  Continue reading

Dr Brown bottles

Thank goodness Albie hasn’t suffered from colic or relfux, hopefully this will continue, i had bad reflux in pregnancy so I know how painful it can be and I wouldn’t like to see my little man suffering. He does however take forever to finish a bottle so I thought these might help the long night feeds. For those that are unaware Dr Brown bottles are the only fully vented vacuum free feeding bottle, designed to help reduce colic for a much more comfortable feed. Continue reading

Bloom Beautiful Products

If you have been reading my posts you will know that during my (eeek) 39 weeks of pregnancy I have gained a few stretch marks, however they aren’t terrible and to be honest the ones on my tummy aren’t too noticeable and will hopefully fade over time (wishful thinking?) 

I have used a number of products since my pregnancy started, firstly bio oil- I do believe this worked, I applied this everyday, twice a day for the first 6 months and gained no stretch marks, I did neglect to put the oil on my hips and this was the only place I had them. Obviously I can’t be too sure as I have some on the underneath of my tummy now and maybe I was destined to get them- we will never know. I got really fed up of bio oil, I just couldn’t put up with greasy feeling anymore, so I switched to palmers tummy butter, I liked this to begin with but again it was really greasy and left me waiting with no clothes on for if to soak in. Next I was sent Nspa mummy nourishing stretch mark oil and this was a huge improvement on the greasiness of bio oil, I have done a review so worth having a read if you prefers to use oils. 

I was recently sent some gorgeous products by a company called Bloom Beautiful, they are a small company based in Devon, all products are naturally made using local Beeswax with the finest oils, butters and botanicals – no fillers and paraben free! I love to support small business especially ones with such an ethical background. The packaging is very simple but lovely.

I was sent Mummy and Baby massage oil, Mummy Bee Butter, After Birth Herbal bath remedy and Baby Bee Botty Balm. 

I have only been able to use the Mummy Bee Butter and the Massage oil so far and I love them both. My fav is the butter, An intensively moisturising Body Butter with added Rosehip and beautiful scents of Lavender, Tangerine and Rosewood.
The smell is amazing, it really reminds me of being in an massage room in a beauty salon, a really nice aromatherapy natural smell. The texture is perfect for rubbing on my belly/hips/boobs/thighs, it is not at all greasy and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I’m just sad I didn’t discover the product until late in pregnancy, I will however continue to use this post pregnancy!  

The massage oil has been great for my poor swollen elephant like feet. They have been really sore and feeling bruised in the last couple of weeks so I have enjoyed applying this and getting Mr.C to massage it in. It’s made from a blend of natural oils, chamomile and sweet orange. The orange can be seen floating in the oil. This is recommended for babies 3 months and over, it can be rubbed in or added to baby’s bath. I will definitely be giving that a try once Baby C is old enough. 

These products have been really impressive ! I will be trying out the Baby Bee Botty Balm so will let you know my thoughts as soon as.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to use the after birth bath healing bag as I need a a C-Section, however I will pass it on to a friend and ask for her thoughts. 

The products are all available from Not On The Highstreet. I will totes be getting a few more products from the range come pay day.