Albies Cowboys & Indians 1st Birthday Party

DSC_0324Yes, I am about 2 months late with this and Yes, I haven’t managed to squeeze in Albies monthly updates in a while, but birthday photos are much more fun! Continue reading


We love our personalised towel!

DSC_0360 O.K Albie not so much, trying to get a shot with the towel on his head took too bloody long a fair while shall we say. Albie grew out if his baby towels a while ago, but busy mummy just didn’t have the time or the inclination to buy another towel, lets be honest mummies, buying baby clothes and toys has to be one of the funnest parts of parenthood, to me a towel is boring, its a big bit of material to dry yourself, so we were carrying on wrapping Albie up in our big towels. Which is fine but not so great when your husband has used all the clean towels for one shower, this is more than acceptable for a lady, one for body, one for hair and one over shoulders to keep warm (or is that just moi?) However, men don’t get cold like us, and secondly my husband rocks the shaved head look so no need for a towel there (or shampoo if you are reading mr!!!)  Continue reading

Where have I been?

Howdy folks,

You may (or more likely may not) have notice that I have been absent for a while. Let me tell you keeping a job, a home, a baby and a husband happy  is not for the faint hearted. I take my hat, shoes and trousers off to every mummy that manages it.

I started a whole new job three weeks ago, it requires me to work full time for the first 3 months, including one long day in the big shhhmoke. It’s fair to say I am like a walking zombie by the time I get any free me time, So blogging has had to take a back seat. But I really miss my little online journal about our lives, so I am going to try my hardest to write at least one post a week, my commute to London will be my ‘me time’ surrounded by fellow sweaty commuters (one seemed to mistake my shoulder for a butt rest yesterday) but it’s ‘me time’ none the less, no baby watching me eat and moaning until he gets a mouthful, no husband ‘letting his dinner go down’ before he can clear up, just me, my mac and coffee (we’ll just shut our eyes and forget about the commuters and the pastry)

We digress… I’m back!


Hoping to get a product review up asap

Photos of Albies first bday and his 13th month update!




A typical Mummy day v a typical Daddy day

In no way am I Daddy bashing here! Lucie and I had a little chat yesterday about the difference between Mummy and Daddy’s typical day and it got me thinking about how hard us Mummies work. I know a lot of my Mummy friends do the majority of the housework and chores, but hey, maybe you have the perfect husband or partner that loves to cook, clean and iron, unfortunately mines not one of those. This is just a very typical day in the Clarke household, however to give my husband the credit he deserves I must say he is very good with his hands, I mean DIY just incase your minds are wondering!! He has made our house into a lovely home, built us a lovely extension that is now our dining room, landscaped out garden and built a huge ‘man shed’. Our driveway is nearly finished and he is half way through our loft conversion with plans to add an extra staircase and built in wardrobes. So I guess he has his uses!! Continue reading

Dear Albie…. 11 months

DSC_0144So our little turtle boy is 11 months old, how on earth has that happened? This time last year, I was running waddling around like a headless fat fly excitedly getting ready for our pending arrival. I would never have imagined the overwhelming love and pride we would have for this little boy floating around in my stretched tummy! The daily ritual of lathering myself in bio-oil, the agonising night cramps and the killer heartburn all seem like an insignificant distance memory. What’s a couple of cramps (a night) when you have this amazing perfect thing as a result. I was excited as much as I was fed up, Talcum powder had become my best friend during the hot sticky summer and I had truly had enough of feeling like a huge baby carrier, it’s fair to say I did not enjoy being pregnant, in fact every time I see a pregnant women in this humid weather I don’t get broody like most, I feel for them, but would I do it all again knowing what I know now, hell yeah! I mean, maybe not for another one, but for you Albie, One Hundred Percent! Continue reading

Dear Albie… 10 months

IMG_7620Ooopsy Mummy didn’t did a 9 month update on here but I did record a blog for you to watch instead, however in future I think I’ll write your monthly progress, it seems much more personal and I would love for you to come on here when you’re grown up, maybe to even to show your own little ones! Wow! Mummy will be really old by then (Well I better bloody be kiddo!)

Continue reading

Working mummies

Wow! I’ve been back at work two days, two whole days 8.30-5.30, and I am absolutely frickin knackered. It’s such hard work being an employee and a mummy, and I really just wanted to put a point across, something that frustrates me a lot little, I have noticed it increasingly on Facebook and other social networking sites, I know this may cause a few raised eyebrows and I’m not saying that my way is the right way it’s just my opinion and I’m sure other working mummies feel the same.

Although I work pretty much full time now, I am and always will be a full time mummy, it is my priority and the first thing I think of when I wake and last thing before I sleep (once I’ve gone over the list of to dos before 8am) so when mummies that are lucky enough to stay at home with their little ones list full time mummy as their job title it touches a nerve (you know the overprotective mummy one) I have to work and I want to work.I believe nursery is great for little ones, yes, if I could work two days a week it would be great but that’s just not possible, does it make me a part time mummy? No, of course it doesn’t.

I always say being a mummy is the hardest job in the world, but it’s not a job, in fact it’s harder, there are no financial rewards and some days you feel totally deflated and a bit useless. But then you get these moments that make all the crappy days a little easier to deal with, that cheeky first thing in the morning smile, the little shoulder cuddles and the heart melting giggle.

I have total respect for stay at home mummies, especially those that run out of hands for the kiddies to hold, but us working mums still have to do all those boring chores (with daddies help) and still capture all those magic memories with our little ones, so spare a thought next time you say you’re a full time mummy, because whether we work not, we all are.