We have a toddler!

IMG_3879I miss our little Bum Shuffler. I miss being able to leave Albie for 5 minutes whilst I peed/showered/got dressed/ brushed hair/made face look O.K (ish)/ Brushed teeth, now I don’t get those precious 5 minutes not even 2, just to be alone.  Everyone told me not to worry about his preferred mode of transport, that not walking was a god send, I am totally with them now.

How life has changed in the last 2 months since Albs found his feet! Obviously we were beaming with pride when he took his first few steps we even managed to capture them on video (Do we still call them videos?) Later that day we went to Harry’s 1st Birthday party and like the little attention seeker he is, he proudly walked across the play mat… (heart melts)

Not only did he learn to walk, he also learnt to climb…. that’s where the real fun torture begins.

We use an old steamer trunk for all of Albie’s toys, it sits neatly under the TV unit. Well, it does at the moment! Albie will climb on it, give me a cheeky smile with his little toes tittering on the edge with a face that says ‘ go on Mummy, stand up so that when you do I can sit down before you reach me, then as soon as you sit back down, I’m going to stand back up and laugh uncontrollably, even if you have been going to the gym and every step you take is utter agony and you let out tiny little cries,  OK, we digress, but you get the gist of the little munchkins attitude. I take him down, tell him no, he gets back up.. repeat one hundred million times. Is it a case of, well if he hurts himself he won’t do it again? What’s your views on that?

Quick, Mums back is turned for a millie of a second, I can get my little tooshie off the sofa, walk to the kitchen, open the drawers, empty the contents of all of them and then scream because my fingers got trapped. And yes, you may be screaming get child safety catches, well no I’m not going to. Everything dangerous is up high, so I’m trying/failing to teach Albie what No means, it’s not quite catching on as hoped but it’s a work in progress.

He is still a little unbalanced, his nursery bump forms need a room of their own. He is pretty hardy though, even a nose bleed from falling flat on his face in an indoor play area didn’t seem to faze him (did ruin my top though!) Nursery have asked us to have a chat with a Dr just to double check that he doesn’t have any balance issues so we are going to have a check up soon, it’s possible it could be his ears.. But I’m sure he is just to eager to get places quickly and doesn’t pay attention to where his feet are going.

Gotta go, Albie is enjoying  banging on the keyboard too much for my liking. It’s going to be one of those days isn’t it?

How  much did harder did it get when your little ones started walking?




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